RBS understands that there are various reasons that cause increasing A/R. Once an account is over 120 days, too often the payment goes uncollected and physicians and their practice don’t get paid for their services. For busy medical providers, following up on old claims and sitting on the phone for hours with insurance companies is tedious and detracts from patient care and other operational needs. In short, physicians and their staffs are too busy to take the time to collect. It’s easier to write off the debt. But RBS can turn that loss into revenue. How?

RBS has spent years fine-tuning our A/R Recovery process. Our research is done by working closely with provider reps and all necessary action is taken to attain a resolution.

RBS will examine claim denials.
We’ll re-submit claims for payment.
We’ll take the time necessary to obtain a resolution.
Our goal is resolution and turnround within 30 days.


Our Reliant Billing Services team would love to discuss how we can enhance your existing medical billing process with the ultimate goal of increased revenue retention. Complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly.