Reliant Billing Services provides the following case studies to share how we’ve helped others conquer medical billing challenges.

Outsourced Billing Resolves Accounts Receivables; Allows Urgent Care Owner to Sell

How utilizing urgent care billing experts can reduce accounts receivables while increasing the value of the business. 

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Enhancing Urgent Care Cash-Flow with Proper Coding 

A large urgent care facility noticed that Cigna claim denials began skyrocketing in 2021. We quickly determined that Cigna had been purchased by Priority Health, which resulted in dozens of incorrect claim submissions.

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Reducing Accounts Receivables with the Coordination of Benefits

RBS leverages Medicaid expertise to boost Urgent Care financial security.

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Resolving Repeat Medicare Issues in Home Healthcare

Optimizing Medicare billing takes time and expertise. Without the right resources, it is not uncommon for medical billing departments to end up with high Accounts Receivables as a result of Medicare’s quirks. Fortunately, Reliant Billing Services provides top-notch guidance across the billing spectrum that can be leveraged to eliminate repeat Medicare issues.


Using Coding to Increase Home Healthcare Profits

Medical billing departments navigate a wide range of denials every year. But focusing on medical billing codes allows the practice to accurately describe each patient visit to increase the odds of payment. Learn more about the nuances of Home Healthcare coding to increase profits here.


How One Practice Used Outsourced Billing to Optimize Accounts Receivables

Accounts receivables can quickly get out of hand, leading Home Healthcare practices to take unnecessary losses. Without regularly tracking denied and delayed claims, many businesses face financial uncertainty. But we work diligently with our clients to optimize their financial health by optimizing accounts receivables.



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