Reliant Billing Services provides the following downloadable resources to help you understand how you can reduce your billing costs and minimize claim rejection.

White Paper: How to Eliminate Common Medical Billing Issues

Annually, Medical facilities miss out on billions of dollars in lost revenue because of poor billing
practices. Employees often overlook common issues, computer systems contribute to flawed
claim submissions, etc. This guide provides insights to help you save lost revenue.

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Maximizing Profit Through Proper Coding, Scrubbing, and Claim Submissions

If you’re experiencing a noticeable loss of revenue, chances are that your coding, scrubbing, and claim submissions could be improved. This guide provides insight into the most common reasons why businesses lose revenue during billing, and how to overcome them.

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What is a Clearinghouse System, and Do I Need it?

Did you know that about 20% of medical claims are denied by insurance companies? And that 60% of those claims are never re-submitted to insurers? Using a clearinghouse system can help medical facilities reduce the likelihood of experiencing denials, resulting in more consistent payments

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Medical Claims Follow-Up and Denial Management

Following up on claims and managing denials is a vital component of procuring payment from insurance companies. This guide provides a basic timeline for payments, follow up, and denial management in order to keep you on the top of your game.

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Accounts receivable allow every home healthcare business to optimize cash flow by keeping track of lost revenue, and compromised credit. The higher the number of unprocessed or denied claims, the lower the business’s liquid cash flow.

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WHITE PAPER: Increase the Value of Your Home Healthcare Practice with the Right Billing Software

Billing software helps support home healthcare practice growth, efficiency and better coordination between patients, allowing practitioners to focus on providing care instead of tracking each patient.

The days of paper filing are (or should be) over since software and electronics accomplish the same tasks

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WHITE PAPER: Home Healthcare Practices Have a Higher Net Value When Paid Promptly

Slow payments are not only an inconvenience to home healthcare practices, but they’re extremely costly. The longer it takes to retrieve payment for patients and the payer, the less likely the practice is going to receive the full value of their services.

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