What are some advantages for working with Reliant Billing Services to handle your billing?

  • Reduced denials
  • Management of physician accounts by experienced qualified professionals
  • Save money and time, allowing physicians and their staffs more time to focus on patients
  • Reduce the stress caused by unpaid claims
  • Recover old debt and raise revenue.

Why should you process claims electronically?

  • The rejection rate decreases tremendously
  • Electronic claims are paid quicker than paper claims
  • Save time following up with insurance companies

Does Reliant Billing Services have the flexibility to work with different EMRs?

  • Absolutely! We have the flexibility to work with your needs and EMR services.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

  • Yes, we follow all HIPAA rules and regulations.

Who does a patient contact if they need assistance with their bill?

  • That patient can contact RBS. We have experienced billers who can answer their questions.

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