Does your medical billing department struggle to run a tight ship? Are you needlessly hemorrhaging money every month? Is your team frustrated by the challenging workload? If so, don’t fret. There are solutions to your dilemmas. Every year medical billing departments across the country struggle to adhere to payer guidelines, or they make consistent errors that cost the practice thousands of dollars. While these issues can develop for a variety of reasons, the solution is simple: Hire the right support. At first glance, spending more money can seem like a backwards strategy. But once a practice introduces remote direct staffing into the mix, it only takes a month or so to see astonishing results. Remote direct staff members can be used to mitigate some of the most costly billing errors to improve medical billing across the board by addressing the following concerns.

Remote direct staff members cater to your most pressing needs, allowing your medical billing department to monitor and resolve the worst and most expensive issues. Since these staff members typically cost about 50% less than on-site employees, their time can be used to tackle the worst problems that the medical billing department faces. Over time, this also contributes to a better overall billing flow, while reducing unnecessary monetary losses.

Reducing the medical billing department’s turnover with remote direct staffing is another strategy that facilities should implement. Practices that consistently fumble to find reliable and high-quality employees often end up spending extra money to address turnover, making it extremely costly and time consuming. However, working with a company like Reliant Billing Services to provide remote direct staffing allows your practice to entirely shirk the responsibility of replacing employees. Instead, Reliant Billing Services diligently works to match your practice with the right candidates, and continues filling the need should employee loss occur. This better enables the medical practice to fine-tune its day-to-day operations, and use the resources it has to the best of its abilities. In the long run, this contributes to a more efficient billing department while reducing overhead costs.

Finally, one of the perks of utilizing a remote direct staff member is that they often come with flexible hours. This means that your medical billing department can leverage that employee to work when their efforts are most effective. Ultimately, this contributes to faster payment outcomes, which reinforces the health of your medical billing department.

Do you want to learn more about reducing overhead costs with the help of remote direct staff members? Are you interested in implementing strategies that promote the health of your company? If so, contact us today. Reliant Billing Services provides expert remote direct staffing candidates across the state of Michigan every year.