Medical billing is often the Achilles heel for practices across the country. Optimizing the department is a challenging endeavor. Without streamlining the medical billing process, the business forfeits valuable cash flow and resources, leaving it with low profits. Fortunately, there are solutions to this issue. One such solution is to acquire remote direct staffing personnel to leverage their expertise, and solve common billing errors to minimize the cost of operation instead of building an on site billing department. This strategy almost always results in increased profit margins, and better workflow across the company.

One of the many perks of hiring a remote direct staff team is that the employee pool is full of qualified candidates. This means that if a medical facility faces specific billing obstacles, a remote direct staffing team can be established to tackle those potential issues. Ultimately, finding the right matches cuts down on error, setting the medical practice up for long-term success. Additionally, hiring a remote direct staff team minimizes the amount of training that medical facilities have to conduct since most candidates are already familiar with traditional medical billing practices. This contributes to a highly qualified billing department with the expertise your practice needs.

As medical facilities across the country struggle with a small hiring pool, labor costs are rising. But one way to mitigate this issue is by hiring remote direct staff members, which can cut hiring, training, and labor costs by as much as 50%. Additionally, since remote candidates will not require desk space and office conveniences, medical facilities can expect a decline in operational costs by implementing this strategy.

Finally, any time a medical billing department acquires experts in their field, it can expect to develop fluid cashflow and optimized billing procedures. This is one area where direct staff members excel, supporting a reduction in accounts receivables at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff members.

Direct staffing also allows medical facilities to build the perfect billing team without forfeiting complete control over the process. A direct staff team is an extension of your practice, and can be leveraged to target specific goals within your business. This results in streamlined medical revenue cycle management, and ultimately allows the medical practice to maintain control while cutting costs and increasing the practice’s efficiency.

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