The medical market is extremely strained right now, which contributes to low employee morale, and a loss in overall profit. These factors quickly put your business at risk, making it difficult to produce consistent results across your practice. The main causes for employee turnover relate to a lack of opportunities for growth, compensation, and excessive work. And many of these obstacles can be tackled by hiring remote direct staff members. Here’s what you need to know to substantially reduce employee turnover within your practice:

In order to reduce turnover once and for all with remote direct staffing, practices must evaluate existing turnover to identify the causes. Taking steps like requesting that employees detail their complaints in an exit interview is a sure-fire way to identify problem areas within the department, which allows management to minimize these employee concerns in the future. Chances are that taking steps like hiring the right people can help to mitigate turnover across the board, and one of the many benefits of utilizing direct staff members is that you can choose from a pool of phenomenal candidates to fill the existing gaps in your practice.

Remote direct staff members also allow the practice to cut employee expenses in half, which frees up additional money that could be used to provide competitive rates for onsite employees. This better enables the practice to support employee work-life balance, which makes it more likely that you’ll retain them for an extended period of time. The longer a practice is able to retain quality employees, the more profitable those hires become.

It is impossible for a practice to support employee growth opportunities when its team struggles to manage all of its daily tasks. One way to overcome this cycle is to add remote direct staff members to your team. By leveraging the lower-cost services of a direct staff member on a day-to-day basis, you can provide relief to your on-site team, which opens them up to growth opportunities. And the more your team grows, the more beneficial they will become to your practice.

Even when the medical market is not strained, it can be difficult to retain high-quality employees over a long period of time. But consistent turnover contributes to higher overhead costs and a reduction in quality of service. In order to support the long-term health of your medical practice, it may be helpful to consider adding a remote direct staff member to your team to tackle more complex medical billing issues. By alleviating the strain on the rest of your team, the practice is more likely to experience a reduction in employee turnover while supporting growth.

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